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Women don’t let him go

Coaching Summer – Romance Novel
Book , English Edition


Thomas, a successful management consultant in his mid-forties, finds himself in a crisis of meaning.

Seeking relaxation, he travels to Lanzarote, where he encounters Lydia. The vivacious entertainer, with a keen sense of human vibrations, introduces him to the emotional world of women through long conversations. For the first time in his life, Thomas begins to understand what the path to a harmonious relationship might look like. Refreshed, optimistic, and armed with new insights, he flies back home, ready to start anew. However, shedding deeply ingrained routines proves to be not as easy.

Will he succeed in fulfilling his dream of a life filled with love and harmony?

„Women don’t let him go“.

This story takes you on a journey of self-discovery and talk therapy between the protagonists. It’s not just about captivating entertainment, but about deep insights into relationship strategies and the art of communication. As Vera Wagenvoort, I open the door to a world where love is not only an emotional journey, but also an opportunity for personal development.

Embark on the journey of experiencing love on a deeper level, exploring relationship strategies, and mastering the art of communication.

Women don’t let him go – where a journey to love and self-knowledge begins. Let my story touch and inspire you!

More about the story:

„Women Don’t Let Him Go“ is a captivating coaching novel that presents itself as a guide to understanding love, relationship and partnership from the perspectives of both genders. The main characters, Thomas and his coach Lydia, offer insights into the classic differences between men and women in terms of communication and behavior.

While Thomas is on holiday in Lanzarote and meets the entertainer Lydia, through their long conversations and personal interactions, the different ways of thinking and approaches of men and women in love matters are revealed.

Thomas, as the protagonist, represents typical male characteristics and behaviors that can occur in interpersonal relationships. His way of communicating and dealing with emotions is influenced by traditional role models and social expectations.

On the other side is Lydia, who, as a coach and female character, brings a differentiated perspective on love and relationships. Her sensitivity and emotional intelligence allow her to support Thomas in better understanding and communicating his own feelings and needs.

Through the interactions between Thomas and Lydia, the classic differences between the sexes in terms of communication styles, emotional expression and relationship needs become clear. These differences serve as the basis for character development and plot unfolding, while also providing the reader with valuable insights and insights into how men and women can better interact with each other.

„Women Don’t Let Him Go“ invites readers to engage with the complex dynamics of love and partnership and at the same time offers practical suggestions and insights for a fulfilled and harmonious coexistence.

But read for yourself.

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Why this book?

A novel with reference from practice for practice

Now I would like to introduce you to my novel „Women Don’t Let Him Go“.

Why did I choose a coaching novel and not just a classic romance novel?

This novel is the result of my long-held idea of telling a story that not only entertains but also teaches practical life lessons. This novel is all about love, partnership, relationship strategies, and communication.

The two protagonists engage in a kind of talk therapy designed to help you find true love and build relationships that are characterized by respect and understanding. Originally, I started the first draft of this novel 20 years ago, but had to pause in the middle of it. The modern revision brought many changes, and I’m proud to present you with the final result.

It is published under my pseudonym Vera Wagenvoort, a name that not only stands for my romance novels, but also has a historical connection to my family history dating back to the 16th century. I hope that „Women Don’t Let Him Go“ not only entertains, but also helps to unlock the secrets of successful relationships.

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About The Author – Vera Wagenvoort

Vera Wagenvoort (pseudonym) holds a degree in business administration and is a certified EBT business trainer and coach. The name Wagenvoort is also part of her family name – on her mother’s side and dates back to the 16th century.

She passes on her wide-ranging knowledge as a mental coach (NLP) and career counsellor not only in seminars and coaching sessions, but also in her books.

There you will find tons of practical knowledge.

In her private and professional life, she prefers to deal with the trials and tribulations of life.

Professionally, she has been working in the coaching field for years. Her focus is on the following topics:

Career counseling, personal development, life balance, goal management, but also love and partnership.


Here’s what readers are saying:

I am very happy about a book review!


Her first novel – „Women Don’t Let Him Go“.– is a coaching novel – as a guide to dealing with love, relationships and partnerships. From the perspectives of both sexes, primarily those of the protagonist Thomas and his coach Lydia – yes, that’s where the relationship between the two develops in the course of his stay in Lanzarote. What about the classically widespread differences between men and women in communication and behavior?

Read for yourself…

5,0 von 5 Sternen Love Novel Rezension aus Deutschland vom 14. April 2024

Vera Wagenvoort’s book, Women Don’t Let Him Go, is a beautiful holiday-summer novel worth reading with many insightful aspects between men and women

Rena Weiss

5,0 von 5 Sternen 
The supposedly „classic love story“ develops more and more depth… ! Terrific!
Reviewed in Germany on December 5, 2023

What an interesting book!
It starts „harmless“ and seems to end up as a „classic love story“…. – but far from it!
Vera Wagenfort masterfully understands how to draw the reader deeper and deeper into the world of the protagonist and to recognize his view of women, relationships, career and love more and more. What will he experience?

The author is a professional business coach.
These experiences are probably the basis of her deep knowledge of human nature and the understanding of the many facets of relationships, happiness, passion, frustration, stress, separations and changes.

• What does personal development do?
• How do you gain new insights and experiences?
• What conclusions can be drawn for the future?

Through this process, the protagonist arrives at an amazing new perspective …..

The book captivated me more and more, inspired and charmed me.
I am happy to recommend it! In addition, it is attractive gift on many occasions…..

I am very happy about a book review!

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